Frequently Asked Questions

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We are constantly updating inventory. Our products are also sold by Walmart, Amazon, Wayfair, and many other retail partners – Their Stores and dot-com sites,  if we are out of stock.

For inquiries regarding missing or replacement parts please call us at 866-884-0535 or email at 

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Limited warranty details are located on the XDP Recreation website. Send a copy of your purchase receipt or online order confirmation for the swing set, the details of the issue(s), the part numbers for the parts in question and a shipping address to Pictures should be provided for any existing parts referenced

Yes, XDP Recreation swing sets are designed with an arc in the top posts of the swing sets. This will keep the center legs of 6-leg sets slightly off the ground during initial setup. Tip: Pick up and pull out on the cross bars at each end of the swing set when the swing set is in it’s final resting spot to make certain the outer legs are the proper distance apart.

The parts are pre-assembled out of the box. M1 and M2 parts will be included on the top section of the glider hanging bar part. M3 will be included on the lower section of the hanger bar part.

The swing chains have two ends. One end will have a plastic cap (tan/green) included on the eyebolt. The end of the chain with the plastic cap goes through the top post. The end with only the eyebolt (no plastic cap) goes through the swing seat.

The disc tubes have two sides. The side with the oblong hole goes on top. The circular hole goes on the bottom. The tubes should not be laid flat to connect. Hold the tubes in your hands and connect each section with the oblong holes facing up while holding the tubes up.

The ladder steps have two sides. One side has a slightly wider edge. The wider edge should face toward the slide. The wider edge of each step must be facing towards the slide to secure the steps tightly.

Leave slide assembly nuts and bolts loosely connected. Pop the top of the slide off the X4-N top slide support bar to allow slide maneuvering. Align slide with side rails and insert hardware according to manual instructions. Pick the slide up from the bottom and snap back on the X4-N top support bar. Lower bottom end of slide back to the ground. Tighten all hardware securely.